сряда, 21 ноември 2012 г.


Editorial for fashion magazine Schön!

Photography: Zena Holloway
Styling: Angie Smith
Retouch: Sinisa Savic
Make Up: Emma White Turle

Check whole issue:
Schön!19 – Isabeli Fontana 

вторник, 20 ноември 2012 г.

Andre Ermolaev / Aerial Photography

  It's hard to believe, but these photos of real landscapes, not abstract paintings. They are actually aerial shots of streams, alive with motion and color, finding their way down the ashen sides of volcanoes in Iceland.The stunning images were captured by photographer Andre Ermolaev

Колкото и трудно да е за вярване, това са снимки на пейзажи, а не абстрактни картини.  Зашеметяващите въздушни кадри са дело на руският фотограф Andre Ermolaev , мястото е Исландия.

Andre Ermolaev website
Andre Ermolaev on 500px

събота, 17 ноември 2012 г.

jewelry for leica photo camera by jay tsujimura

Japanese designer Jay Tsujimura has conceived the 'premium floral' and 'premium lizard', a series of elegant adornments for the classic leica.
The work is informed by tsujimura's skill in jewelry design, having acquired traditional techniques and knowledge of historical styles
through careful observation of architecture and antique markets.

This allowed him to create ornamental additions for the hot shoe and soft release components of the camera with either organic
Detailing or a distinctive stippled texture, mimicking that of reptilian skin. the customized pieces are a very stylish fashion statement
For the leica in Tokyo, enhancing the already sophisticated photographic experience.
(via: www.designboom.com )

Lizards have the most beautifully resilient skin despite living in the brutal force of nature.
The silver has been meticulously carved to replicate the scale of the lizard in a mirror-finish, creating an almost leathery touch. It exudes pure sexiness.

вторник, 13 ноември 2012 г.

Stone Fields by Giuseppe Randazzo

Stone Fields is a project from Novastructura by Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo. This project has started from a search for a 3d-objects optimal packing algorithm over a surface, but evolved in something rather different. Inspired by the work of Richard Long and the way he fills lonely landscapes with archaic stones patterns. Randazzo’s version is a ‘poor and lazy version’ of that heroic approach. The virtual stones created by several fractal subdivision strategies, find their proper position within the circle, with a trial and error hierarchical algorithm. A mix of attractors and scalar fields (some with Perlin noise) drives the density and size of the stones. The code is a C++ console application that outputs a OBJ 3d file.

понеделник, 12 ноември 2012 г.

Misty Dream

photography: Joanna Kustra
make-up: Yuka Hirata using Shu Uemura
hair: Magdalena Tucholska using JOICO®
fashion styling: Sharpay Tang
model: Virginia Kiss @ IMG Models
photo assistant & video director: Tamas Olajos
stylist's assistant: Xinyi Guo
location: 1_14 Studio

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