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Отражения отJack Brauer ♥ Mountain photography by Jack Brauer

 Невероятните отражения са дело на фотографа Jack Brauer .Страстта му към планините се ражда доста време преди тази към фотографията, но в крайна сметка съчетанието на двете страсти, дава уникален  резултат. Снимките са правени при пътуванията на автора  в Турция, Норвегия и САЩ.

"I live in Ouray, Colorado, in the heart of the mighty San Juan Mountains. Though my passion for the mountains long preceded my passion for photography, I have found that photography often provides the motivation to explore places I might not usually hike to, in weather I might not usually prefer to hike in, at times of day that I might usually rather be sleeping. The result is that my photography takes me to spectacular scenes I might not witness otherwise, and I hope to share these scenes with others through my photos and prints.
I first started playing with cameras while I was in college at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts Printmaking (mostly intaglio, but also lithography, woodcuts, and screenprinting).
I love traveling and seeing new places, especially in the mountains! I make most of my photographs in remote wilderness areas, usually backpacking for many miles and oftentimes bushwhacking through the woods to explore places where no trails exist. I am also an avid backcountry snowboarder/splitboarder.
The earth is a big place with lots of variety, but in my opinion it doesn't get much better than relaxing next to an alpine lake, surrounded by towering mountains and wide views. One goal of my photography is to record and communicate some of those moments of paradise in nature. Also more generally, I want to show the purity, grandeur and unique character of mountains and perhaps inspire people to appreciate and respect the remaining wilderness for themselves."

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