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Изкуство от лъжици ♥ The Art of Spooning

Изкуство от лъжици, защо не..Представяме ви арт колекцията на Etsy / petekdesign . 
"Вярвам, че е крайно време да се погледнем на нещата по различен начин.Моята цел е виe и вашите близки да се усмихвате всеки път, когато видите една от моите работи по стените около вас."
Petek Design

Petek Design is a new design initiative, aimed at offering a special & unique point of view for life.
I believe it's about time to look at things differently.
My goal is to make you, your loved ones & your colleagues smile every time you see one of my works on the walls around you.
I always take a young & fresh perspective, and help you decorate your walls in a special way, opening the door to creativity.
"PETEK" is the Hebrew word for "Note" (scrap of paper).


Creative Posters & Photography for The Modern Home. The Art of Spooning Set 4 Photos 8x10 Eclectic Fine Art photography.

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