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Imany е артистичният псевдоним на Nadia Mladjo. Тя е родена през 1979 година във Франция в семейство със десет деца:) Има блестяща кариера като спортист, модел и певица. Изключително магнетична жена:) с невероятен глас и перфектна визия! 

Imany Nadia Mladjo was born in year 1979 in France into a family of ten children of Comorian origin, a firefighter father in the French Air Force, Nadia Mladjao performs a boarding school. Committed at the age of 17 years by a modeling agency, she moved to New York two years later with a three-month contract for Calvin Klein. She stayed seven years in the United States. During her stay in New York she felt in love in the song  "Talkin about a Revolution" by Tracy Chapman, who makes her want to try his luck as a singer. She began at the time to take singing lessons and writting lyrics. Tired of "doing the hanger," she stopped her modeling career and after unsuccessful meetings with producers in the United States, she returned to France and began to sing in 2008 on the Parisian stage. On the occasion of a passage in the Sentier des Halles, she metMalik Ndiaye, already produced Ayo and Grace, who helped her to lunch her career.
Her music? I love it and her style , just amazing!


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