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’Reinvention’ Pearl Necklace - Sterling, vintage papers, cultured pearls

Леки, романтични детайли определят бижутата на BRITTANY ISENBERG. Това е част от нейната винтидж ,хартиена колекция Тези накити са уникални  и специална украса за жени, които се чувстват добре в собствената си кожа

 'Reinvention Bracelet' Sterling, vintage papers, 14k, cultured pearls, citrine
‘Reinvention’ Bracelet ‘Tessuto di Firenze’- Vintage papers, elastic
"Subtle, romantic details define my jewelry. I create pieces of simple, elegant designs with a personal touch. Elements such as old ephemera papers, vintage lace textures, and flowing lines and curves evoke the feeling of times when romance and sentimentality were at their peak - the Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau, Victorian and Edwardian eras. My jewelry is an understated but unique and special adornment, meant for women comfortable and at home in their own skin."

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